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Stormboard Online White Board Tool Review 2023
Best for collaborative business planning and problem-solving
Excellent 8.4

Welcome to our deep dive into Stormboard, a trailblazing online whiteboard tool designed to elevate collaborative brainstorming and idea management to new heights. At its core, Stormboard seeks to harness the spontaneity of team brainstorming sessions, translating them into an organized, digital realm where creativity meets structure. With this review, our intent is twofold: first, to provide an unbiased, comprehensive look at Stormboard's offerings, and second, to equip our readers with a clear understanding of how this platform can be a game-changer in their collaborative endeavors.

Our Verdict
Is Stormboard Worth It?

Absolutely. Stormboard's blend of innovative features, real-time collaboration, and adaptability makes it a standout in the realm of online collaboration tools. For teams prioritizing efficient brainstorming and structured ideation, Stormboard is a clear winner and worth the investment. Pros & Cons
  • Intuitive interface suitable for both beginners and seasoned users
  • The unique combination of traditional brainstorming tools and digital flexibility
  • Robust integration capabilities with popular platforms
  • An array of built-in templates catering to various needs
  • Some advanced features are locked behind higher pricing tiers
  • May have a learning curve for those not used to digital whiteboarding
Top Reviews
Madhu Mundra star
May 19, 2022
On the go application to kickstart the project
Stormboard is a practical digital collaboration application for our team and many teams in the organization. We as a team utilize Stormboard whiteboard during our initial stage of a project to have a design solution. Being a team of developers, BAs, and Product owners, Stormboard is very useful for troubleshooting and overseeing any kind of issue that we can get during the project tenure.
By Trustpilot
Carolina Zumaglini star
June 06, 2022
Stormboard is a great option!
I personally use Stormboard to coordinate workshops and classes that we offer at the institution. The software makes it easy because we can all collaborate at the same time. We also use it during the classes to make them more interactive and collaborative. I train professors about how to include Stormboard in their classes and students usually like it.
By Trustpilot
Erick Schwarzelmuller star
June 09, 2022
Easy to use and collaborate
I use it to collaborate with people working in different offices, to brainstorm, create task lists, flow charts and help everyone understand what is going on and what is being planned. Colleagues working remotely and not in the office mean that we need something to bring everyone together and provide a team environment.
By Trustpilot
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What is Stormboard?

Stormboard is a dynamic online collaboration tool designed to enhance brainstorming, planning, and organizational tasks for teams and individuals. Emulating the classic whiteboard experience, Stormboard offers an interactive digital workspace where users can effortlessly generate, discuss, and hone ideas in real time.

At the heart of this platform are its "sticky notes" feature, allowing participants to place and group ideas much like they would on a physical board. To cater to varied professional needs, Stormboard has an array of templates tailored for specific methodologies-be it a SWOT analysis, Agile Scrum boards, or business model canvases. Beyond its brainstorming prowess, the platform shines in fostering live collaboration. Teams, regardless of their geographical location, can dive into sessions simultaneously, ensuring a cohesive and synergized ideation process.

How Stormboard Works?

Stormboard serves as a virtual canvas, reshaping the way teams collaborate and brainstorm in a digital space. The process kicks off when a user establishes a 'storm', Stormboard's equivalent to a digital whiteboard. This becomes the central hub for all collaborative activities, discussions, and ideation. With the 'storm' in place, collaborators are ushered in through email invitations.

Once on board, participants engage with the canvas primarily through sticky notes, which are versatile and mimic the tangibility of a traditional whiteboard session. For those desiring more structured brainstorming sessions, Stormboard offers a slew of templates ranging from business model canvases to SWOT analyses, providing a guided framework for ideation. What truly distinguishes the platform is its emphasis on real-time, interactive collaboration.

Core Features of Stormboard

Collaborative Brainstorming

Stormboard excels in facilitating real-time collaboration, allowing teams, regardless of geographical location, to brainstorm seamlessly on a shared digital canvas.

Users can actively engage with one another through features that enable commenting, chatting, and simultaneous editing, ensuring that brainstorming sessions are interactive and dynamic.

Versatile Templates

The platform boasts a rich library of templates designed for various brainstorming and planning methodologies. These range from classic SWOT analyses to Agile Scrum boards, catering to diverse professional needs.

Moreover, these templates aren't just static frameworks; users can easily customize them to align with their specific requirements, ensuring that the tool remains flexible for different use-cases.


Integration Capabilities

In today's interconnected digital workspace, Stormboard's ability to integrate with popular tools, including Microsoft Office and Slack, is a standout feature. This ensures a smoother workflow as users can pull in data or push out insights without hopping between platforms.

The availability and ease of third-party extensions amplify the platform's versatility, making it a fitting choice for teams using a variety of tools in their daily operations.

Idea Management with Sticky Notes

Mimicking the familiarity of physical whiteboards, Stormboard incorporates digital "sticky notes" that act as the primary medium for idea jotting and organization.

Users can further categorize and prioritize these notes through features like color coding, grouping, and voting. This helps in structuring the brainstormed content and driving focus towards pivotal ideas.


Insights & Reporting

Beyond just ideation, Stormboard equips users with tools to extract meaningful insights and generate comprehensive reports from their brainstorming sessions.

The platform supports various export options, ensuring that the generated data is compatible with other platforms making it easier for users to share, present, or further analyze their findings.

By packing these features and more, Stormboard positions itself as not just a brainstorming tool but a comprehensive solution for collaborative ideation and planning.

faq Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Stormboard?

Stormboard is an online digital whiteboard tool designed to enhance collaboration, brainstorming, and planning. It provides teams and individuals with a shared workspace to generate, discuss, and refine ideas in real time.

How many users can be in a Storm at once?

The number of users who can join a single Storm depends on the subscription or plan you have with Stormboard. Typically, basic or free versions may have a limit, while premium plans may allow for larger numbers of collaborators. Always refer to the platform's official documentation or support for specific numbers.

How do Stormboard templates work?

Yes. Stormboard offers a variety of templates to guide and structure brainstorming or planning sessions. These templates are designed around specific methodologies, such as SWOT analyses or Agile Scrum boards.

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Excellent 8.4
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