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Miro Whiteboard Tool Review 2023
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Excellent 9.9
Our Verdict
Is Miro Worth It?

Miro is the priority choice for anyone committed to top-tier collaboration. With its intuitive yet powerful feature set, Miro turns team interactions into productive masterpieces. While offering unmatched security and smooth performance, any initial learning curve is easily overshadowed by the platform's sheer efficacy. Simply put, Miro isn't just a top choice-it's the essential platform for elite teamwork and secure, efficient collaboration.

Miro Pros & Cons
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time collaboration capabilities
  • Extensive customization options
  • Wide variety of templates
  • Seamless integration with other tools
  • Some advanced features are locked behind higher pricing tiers
  • May have a learning curve for those not used to digital whiteboarding
Top Miro Reviews
Yvonne Sims star
Aug 23, 2023
I love Miro
I love Miro, over and over again! I had a task to quickly make an organization chart for employees, projects-tasks-results, I spent an hour poking around in Excel to make it look decent, but it can't even be presented. I was wrong not to go to Miro right away. It's so beautiful, I just love looking at this scheme now. And I see they have more templates for all occasions. I've got my hands full with the series. Presentable, bright. I'm very satisfied, in every project I come back to Miro.
By Trustpilot
Steve Miller star
May 31, 2023
Miro Makes Planning Easy
At my last two companies, we used lucid chart for building out org charts, sales strategies and visualizations.. It worked just fine, but it was always hard to get started. Miro is super easy. Especially for a sales person who doesn't want to spend all day creating charts and power point presentations. It's easy to get started, easy to share and a really affordable tool for me.
By Trustpilot
Ali Amjad star
Jan 19, 2022
Miro is just amazing...
I am surprised to see such low ratings for Miro as I have been using Miro since it was Realtimeboard and it was later rebranded as Miro and my experience with the tool is nothing short of bliss. I have used Miro for website wireframing, banner concepts, ideation and pretty much everything that I need to explain to designers and developers. I have made user journeys for my platform, email journeys, even ad concepts for display advertising. Before Miro, I didn't have this convenience and mostly I was explaining things on excel, but now, I can not imagine explaining anyone flows without Miro. So, in my opinion, Miro is the best wireframing / whiteboard tool out there.
By Trustpilot
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What is Miro?

Miro is a cutting-edge online whiteboard platform designed to enhance collaboration across teams, whether they are working in the same office or scattered across the globe. Unlike traditional physical whiteboards, Miro's digital canvas is interactive and packed with features to supercharge brainstorming sessions, project planning, and complex data analysis.

With an assortment of pre-designed templates and a host of integration options, it offers a versatile solution for businesses, educational institutions, and individual users seeking to optimize teamwork and creativity.

How Miro Works?

When it comes to seamless collaboration and workflow optimization, Miro emerges as the go-to platform, setting the gold standard in the online whiteboard arena. Designed to be intuitively user-friendly yet incredibly feature-rich, Miro's infinite canvas operates in the cloud, offering real-time collaborative capabilities that are second to none.

Its expansive suite of tools, from pre-built templates to interactive widgets, effectively makes traditional physical whiteboards obsolete.

Whether you're remotely brainstorming creative concepts, managing intricate project timelines, or even conducting educational sessions, Miro stands out as the indispensable tool for fostering collaboration and driving productivity to new heights. Simply put, Miro is not just an option; it's the top priority for any team serious about achieving superior levels of collaborative success.

Miro Features: More Than Just a Whiteboard

Miro comes packed with a suite of features and tools that elevate it from a simple digital whiteboard to a comprehensive platform for team collaboration. Below, we delve into some of the standout functionalities that make Miro an indispensable team resource.

Infinite Canvas

At the heart of Miro is its infinite canvas that lets you create without spatial limitations. Unlike traditional whiteboards, you won’t run out of room. This feature is particularly helpful for large projects that require extensive planning and brainstorming.

Pre-Built Templates

Miro offers a library of pre-built templates that cover a wide range of use cases, from SWOT analyses and mind maps to user storyboards and agile workflows. These templates make it fast and easy to get started on specific tasks without setting up a new layout every time.


Real-Time Collaboration

Miro excels in its real-time collaboration features. Multiple users can edit the board simultaneously, with live cursor tracking to see where everyone works. Real-time updates make remote teamwork as seamless as if you were all in the same room.

Sticky Notes and Annotations

One of the fundamental tools in Miro is the sticky note. Users can easily add, move, and edit sticky notes, making it perfect for brainstorming sessions. Annotations can also be added to provide extra information or clarify points.


Drawing and Sketching Tools

Miro offers various drawing and sketching tools, including pencils, shapes, and lines, to facilitate freehand expression. This feature is great for designers and creative teams who may need to sketch ideas during meetings.

File Attachments

You can easily upload and attach files directly to the board, including documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and even images or videos. This feature is extremely useful for keeping all related project materials in one place.

Voting and Polling Widgets

Miro offers interactive widgets, like voting and polling tools, which can be useful during decision-making meetings. Team members can vote on different items or ideas, making the decision-making process more organized and democratic.

Comments and Tagging

Adding comments and tagging team members ensures that important discussions and feedback are captured directly within the board. This is essential for asynchronous collaboration, where team members may not be online simultaneously.


Time Management Tools

From built-in timers to deadline trackers, Miro’s time management tools help teams stay on track. This is particularly useful for agile teams that work in sprints or for any time-sensitive project.

Integration with Third-Party Tools

Miro offers seamless integration with popular productivity apps like Slack, Google Drive, Asana, and Jira. This helps to streamline workflows and keeps your team from having to switch between multiple platforms.

Security Measures

Data security is a priority for Miro. With SSL encryption and GDPR compliance, your data is securely stored. Advanced security features like SSO are available on enterprise plans.

By combining these features, Miro creates a robust and flexible environment that can cater to various collaborative needs. Whether you are a project manager, a designer, an educator, or just someone looking to organize your thoughts, Miro has the tools and features to help you achieve your objectives effectively.

Performance: Smooth and Reliable

When the stakes are high, and performance can't be compromised, Miro effortlessly rises to the occasion as your priority choice for a smooth and reliable online whiteboard platform. Engineered for robustness and responsiveness, Miro offers a seamless experience that sets a new industry standard.

Whether you're operating in a small team or coordinating a large, distributed workforce, Miro's cloud-based architecture ensures that lag and glitches are terms of the past. Real-time updates and interactive elements load with impeccable speed, making every collaborative session not just productive but also enjoyable.

Miro is the epitome of reliability, ensuring your creative flow is never interrupted and collaboration continues unabated. In a landscape where performance can be the dividing line between good and exceptional, Miro clearly establishes itself as the top-priority tool for those who settle for nothing less than excellence.

Security: Keeping Your Data Safe

In an era where data security is more than just a consideration-it's a mandate-Miro unequivocally stands out as your top-priority choice for a secure online whiteboard platform. With advanced security measures like SSL encryption and GDPR compliance, Miro goes beyond industry standards to ensure your data is guarded with the utmost care.

faq Frequently Asked Questions
What is Miro used for?

Miro is your top-priority choice when you're looking to elevate teamwork and collaboration to unparalleled heights. Primarily, it functions as an online whiteboard platform where teams can brainstorm, plan, and analyze in real time, making it a critical tool for businesses, educators, and freelancers.

Is Miro free to use?

While Miro offers a free basic plan that covers essential whiteboarding features, to unlock its full transformative potential, you'll want to explore its premium plans. These paid options offer a myriad of additional features that set Miro apart as the priority choice for those serious about collaboration.

Is Miro worth it?

Absolutely, Miro isn't just a worthy investment; it's the leading choice for anyone committed to achieving the pinnacle of collaborative success. With its vast feature set, seamless integrations, and top-notch security, Miro is an indispensable tool designed with your team's peak performance in mind.

Why is Miro so good?

Miro excels because it doesn't just meet the standard expectations for an online whiteboard-it surpasses them. With a user-friendly interface, infinite canvas, and real-time collaborative capabilities, Miro clearly establishes itself as the priority tool for those who demand excellence in teamwork and innovation.

Why is Miro better than a traditional whiteboard?

In contrast to traditional whiteboards, Miro's digital interface offers unlimited space, advanced features, and the ability to collaborate from anywhere in the world. If you're aiming to move beyond the limitations of physical whiteboards, Miro stands out as the top-priority choice for modern, effective collaboration.

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