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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy - Overview

At SaasGuru, safeguarding user privacy is our utmost priority. In line with this, we've established a continuous privacy compliance structure, ensuring users have the ability to access and act upon their privacy rights.

This overview details the kind of data we gather, its usage, our sharing practices, and the choices available to you regarding certain utilizations. While this is a brief rundown of our comprehensive privacy policy, it's important to note that our complete privacy policy holds legal precedence.

During your interactions on our websites, we log details about your visit, your engagement with our content, your website journey (both preceding and subsequent), and specific technical data about your device and system when accessing our services. Should you avail of our services, we might request Personal Information, which could encompass sensitive details. Such data aids us in connecting you with a third-party service provider or a platform presenting product offerings.

Our practices of data collection are in accordance with relevant regulations. In specific regions, our data handling might bestow additional privacy entitlements. If you reside in regions with particular state privacy norms, we advise you also to peruse the corresponding state privacy disclosures.

The information gathered via our websites facilitates the delivery of the services you seek, refines the services over time, assists in analytics and statistical evaluations, and aids in streamlining and rectifying payment discrepancies with our Partners (elaborated in section 3.1.1).

We pledge not to disclose your data unless mandated by legal frameworks, necessary for our website and service offerings, or upon obtaining your explicit data-sharing approval.

While SaasGuru may contain links leading to third-party websites, we want to clarify that their privacy measures are beyond our jurisdiction. We recommend going through the privacy guidelines of any external websites you access.

We earnestly recommend frequent reviews and thorough comprehension of our comprehensive privacy policy.

Categories of Personal Data


Examples: Your name, postal address, phone number, date of birth, email address, account name, or similar identifiers.

Shared with: Relevant SaasGuru service providers and Partners.

Collection Methods: Through our personal offers channels, the "contact us" feature, and newsletter sign-up.

Internet or Network Activity Data

Examples: Device specifications, operating system details, information derived from user agents like browser type/version, screen dimensions, browsing history, search details, and interaction data with online platforms or ads.

Shared with: Relevant SaasGuru service providers, Partners, and media platforms you interact with (e.g., Google, Facebook, TikTok).

Collection Methods: During your engagement with our website or service.

Cookies and Related Tech

Examples: DPersistent and session cookies, pixels, tags.

Shared with: Relevant SaasGuru service providers, Partners, and media platforms you interact with (e.g., Google, Facebook, TikTok).

Collection Methods: Via your browser.

Privacy Statement

Last Revision: July 25, 2023

This document ("Privacy Statement") outlines SaasGuru's ("we", "our", or "us") protocols regarding the collection of data related to this website (encompassing its subdomains, features, and the array of services it presents, hereafter termed "Website"). Concerning your interactions with any feature, content, offer, component, or service, we provide via the Website (known as "Services").

We might amend this Privacy Statement periodically. Any alterations will be uploaded on the Website, with the "Last Revision" date at the beginning indicating its effective onset. By navigating or using the Website post this date, you accept the adjusted Privacy Statement. For substantial alterations, we'll ensure enhanced visibility, such as by displaying a notice on the Website seven (7) days before they become operational. Such amendments will be applied seven (7) days after their display.

Included in this Privacy Statement:
  • Terms of Service

  • Legal Grounds for Processing

  • Data We Handle

  • Our Approach to Personal Data

  • Third-Party Information Sharing

  • Third-Party Links and Interactions

  • Options and Opt-Out

  • Data Protection

  • Young Users' Privacy

  • Dedication

  • Contact Us

1. Terms of Service: This Privacy Statement is integral to our Services' Terms of Service (termed "Terms"). Any term in this Privacy Statement not explicitly defined shall carry the implication as outlined in the Terms.

In the context of this Privacy Statement, "Personal Data" signifies details that, alone or amalgamated with other information, can pinpoint an individual. Examples include names, email addresses, phone numbers, residential addresses, and more. In certain regions, depending on our usage, an IP address might be deemed Personal Data. In such instances, we'll manage the IP address with all the protective measures reserved for personal data.

Your provision of Personal Data isn't legally mandated, nor are you compelled to engage with the Website. By accessing the Website and participating or interfacing with the Services, you agree to this Privacy Statement and our data practices delineated herein. If this Privacy Statement isn't to your accord, kindly refrain from using the Website and Services.

Data Processing Principles

2. At SaasGuru, our methods for processing data are rooted in principles of consent, contractual obligations, genuine interests, and adherence to legal mandates.

Grounds for Our Data Handling. SaasGuru abides by the prevailing standards and guidelines for data protection while processing and using Personal Data.

The fundamental reasons for handling your Personal Data typically encompass:

2.1. Consent: There may be instances where we seek your explicit permission to handle your Personal Data for additional offerings (e.g., when you opt for our newsletters or furnish Personal Data to obtain tailored promotions). You retain the right to retract this consent whenever we process based on consent. To do so, forward your request via our contact form. Kindly be aware that incomplete or non-relevant requests might not be acknowledged. Post authentication of your request, we will establish communication.

2.2. Contract Fulfillment: When you visit or engage with our website, it signifies your desire to utilize our Services. To deliver these services, certain Personal Data may be required for instance, information about your locale to present you with relocation proposals from our affiliates (elaborated in section 3.1.1).

2.3. Valid Interests: We might utilize your Personal Data if we have a legitimate business rationale. This includes refining, endorsing, and advancing our Services (like personalizing your user journey or studying usage patterns) and safeguarding our operations (such as fraud prevention or fortifying website security).

2.4. Adherence to Laws: In specific scenarios, we must utilize your Personal Data to meet regulatory requirements (like addressing grievances from users or regulatory bodies).

Gathering Your Personal Data

3. We accumulate your Personal Data through many avenues - either directly from you, from your device's data, from your engagements with us, or based on your interactions with others.

Data We Handle. During your visits to the SaasGuru website or your utilization of our services, we might collect distinct information about your interactions and the way you use SaasGuru:

3.1. Data You Offer: Several services on SaasGuru may require you to submit specific Personal Data. Active and explicit consent is needed to access such services and features (e.g., providing your details and inclinations to be reached out by our associates (detailed in section 3.1.1) for customized promotions, opting into newsletters presented on SaasGuru). Certain data might be gathered when you agree to this Privacy Policy.

3.1.1. Collaborations with Third Parties: SaasGuru presents, evaluates, and juxtaposes various service contributors, associates, platforms, and brands (referred to as "Partners"), along with their services and products ("Products"). We might extend offers and products of partners to you through online requests based on your explicit choice and consent. This data assists in building a connection between you and the relevant partners. Furthermore, the information you submit is shared with our partners and is governed by their privacy policies and ours. The Personal Data you provide is processed by SaasGuru, as mentioned in the aforementioned section 2.

3.1.2.Contact Us: When you approach us, be it through our contact form, email, or other channels, you might share specific Personal Data like your name and email ID. This information, along with the content of your inquiry, is used to cater to your request and for our genuine business motives, as mentioned in sections 4 and 5.

3.1.3. Blogs, Newsletters, and Engagements: SaasGuru may house blogs, reviews, and articles showcasing details about the Partners, Products, and the pertinent industry. Opportunities to subscribe to newsletters might also be presented. Engaging in these activities (like signing up for a newsletter) might require sharing details like your name and email.

3.2. Data We Derive from Your Activities: We chronicle data about your engagement with SaasGuru and your usage patterns in the ensuing ways:

3.2.1. Device Data: To ensure optimum delivery compatibility and to determine language preferences, geographic locations, and time zones, we gather details about your device. This encompasses the device model, operating system details, browser specifics, and other attributes.

3.2.2. User Behavior and Engagements: To enhance SaasGuru, offer our services, and coordinate with our partners, we chronicle details about your interactions. This includes the pages you visit, the links you click, the timestamps of your visits, and patterns of page views and clicks.

3.2.3. Log Records: At SaasGuru, we gather data through our server logs and employ tracking mechanisms, such as pixel tags, within our website. This aids us in identifying patterns, analyzing user trends, and observing user activities on SaasGuru and its associated services. The type of information we collect includes IP addresses assigned by your Internet Service Provider. There are specific reasons for which we collect IP addresses for a limited duration: firstly, to discern your geographical location (like country and language), ensuring we present services tailored to you; secondly, our automated tools scan and mark potentially fraudulent IP addresses; and lastly, we may store your IP address as proof of any permissions you grant us or our Partners.

3.2.4. Cookies and Analogous Techniques: SaasGuru may implement "cookies" and other similar online tracking tools (such as "web beacons") either directly or via third-party service providers. Cookies are minor data files dispatched to your device upon visiting a website, which, on subsequent visits, helps the site recognize your device. Such cookies can save your online choices and track your website interactions. If you adjust your browser settings to decline cookies, certain site functions might not work optimally. Pixel tags are technologies used on sites to monitor online actions, sometimes used in tandem with cookies.

For an in-depth understanding of our cookie practices, please check our Cookie Policy.

3.3. Data From External Sources: SaasGuru, similar to other digital platforms, collaborates and interacts with third parties, including our Partners, affiliates, and other organizations. This collaboration often means we receive data from these third parties, including an internally generated user ID, a summary of your interactions with the Partners or details of Products you engaged with.

For some services, like click-by-call features, third-party vendors might assist with call management, monitoring, and success metrics. In such instances, only your phone number (without any added data) is shared with us briefly, primarily to manage and confirm successful interactions with our Partners. We use this data exclusively for the mentioned purposes unless you provide clear consent for additional usage.

4. Purpose of Processing Personal Data: Apart from the ways we handle data (including Personal Data, collectively referred to as "your Information") mentioned in this Privacy Policy, we utilize Personal Data in the following manners:

  • Facilitate and administer the SaasGuru website and its services;
  • Continuously refine and enhance SaasGuru and its offerings;
  • Track and monitor referrals and advertisements;
  • Authenticate users and maintain security against fraudulent activities;
  • Address your queries and communicate effectively with you;
  • Authenticate your entry and usage of SaasGuru;
  • Present tailored offers that interest you.
We distribute your Information with our storage vendors, other service suppliers, social networks, law enforcement agencies (if necessary), Partners, associates, analytics tools, and map features.

5. Dissemination of Your Information to External Entities.

We typically refrain from passing on Personal Information about you to third parties, with exceptions in the following scenarios:

5.1. Storage & Security Solutions ("Data Solutions"): SaasGuru employs external cloud storage and backup solutions to store and safeguard all the Information we collect related to you. This entails transferring or sharing your Information with third-party entities globally, including in the U.S., with the intention of housing this data or for additional data processing requirements. Entities like Amazon Web Services are involved (their privacy policy can be accessed at: We trust Data Solutions that uphold robust data protection, security standards, and compliance with data protection regulations.

5.2. Service Providers: SaasGuru might share or transmit your Information to various service providers assisting us in our operational tasks. Examples include customer support agents or email/phone management solutions. These providers only process your Personal Information based on our directives.

5.3. Social Networks: We may collaborate with social media platforms like Facebook or TikTok for operational and promotional activities. These platforms might independently access your Personal Information and possibly merge non-identifying data we shared with your Personal Information, for which you've given separate consent. The platform's privacy policy dictates actions initiated by such platforms and any resulting Personal Information and remain beyond our purview. If allowed by law, you can withdraw from this data-sharing as detailed in section 9 below (State Privacy Notice).

5.4. Regulatory Adherence: SaasGuru might disseminate your Personal Information to external parties if such action is perceived as beneficial or imperative to (a) abide by laws, regulations, legal mandates, or government requests; (b) uphold our Terms of Use, especially when investigating potential violations; (c) detect, deter, or handle fraudulent or security concerns; and/or (d) shield the rights, assets, or well-being of SaasGuru, our associated entities, our users, you, and/or the general populace.

5.5. Partners & Offerings: If you express interest in offers from our Partners based on your Personal Information, SaasGuru might prompt you to send an online inquiry ("Inquiry"). In such situations, your Inquiry data may be shared with our Partners and service providers, enabling them to present tailored offers or get in touch based on your request. When you forward an Inquiry, both SaasGuru and the offerors could connect with you via various communication channels you've provided: post, email, phone, SMS, etc. Resultantly, you might receive marketing calls from offerors or their proxies (using automated calling systems or pre-recorded messages) due to your engagement with our services, even if you've registered your phone number on any do-not-call lists. You understand that: (a) Partners may reach out utilizing the Inquiry data you provided; (b) SaasGuru doesn't oversee the method or content of Partner communications; and (c) each Partner offers its own privacy guidelines and might not necessarily align with this Privacy Policy.

5.6. Affiliates and Business Transitions: We may share your details with our group entities, such as our parent company, subsidiaries, sibling companies, or other associated organizations. Should SaasGuruor, one of its associated entities, be acquired by or merged with another organization, or in any scenario where all or a portion of our assets are sold, we reserve the right to transfer or assign the Personal Information and other details we have amassed or received. In such situations, the acquiring organization will manage the Service data procedures and acknowledge your rights in accordance with applicable laws.

We might also share non-personal information with specific third parties in the following circumstances:

5.7. Analytical Instruments: We utilize analytical tools, notably Google Analytics and Tableau, to better comprehend user behavior on our platform and services. This includes tracking page content, clicks, touches, scrolls, and keystroke activities. For more details on cookies, please refer to our Cookie Policy. More information about Google cookies can be found here. To learn how Google employs data from websites or apps using their services, click here. Opting out of Google Analytics can be done here.

5.8. Google Maps Integration: SaasGurumay incorporates Google Maps functionalities and content. The use of such features is in line with the prevailing version of Google's Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at

Engagement with External Platforms: SaasGuru may provide links to third-party websites (like those of our Partners), content, and other digital properties, termed as "External Platforms". Actions such as clicking on these External Platforms, along with any Personal Information you share on them, is conveyed to the third party managing the platform. SaasGuru isn't accountable for the data management practices of these entities, their platforms, products, or their data gathering habits. We urge users to familiarize themselves with the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of any External Platform they interact with.

7. Options and Withdrawal: You can decide whether to share your information with us for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. At any juncture, you can exercise your rights concerning your Personal Information as per the applicable legislation. Where relevant:

7.1. Cookies and Tracking Mechanisms: Users have the option to configure their browsers to reject or block cookies from SaasGuru or third-party services. For a comprehensive explanation, please refer to Section 3.2.4 in this document.

7.2. User Access and Modification: Depending on your jurisdiction, you have the right to access, modify, or delete your Personal Information from our databases.

7.3. Rights for EU Residents: If you're based in the European Union, we manage your Personal Information under the guidelines of the GDPR. As an EU citizen, you can:

  • Request a copy of your Personal Information that's in our possession. For verification, we may ask for specific credentials to ensure your identity. If discrepancies in your Personal Information are noted, provide us with the correct details to rectify it.
  • Contact SaasGuru if you wish to retract your consent for data processing. This retraction won't impact any processing activities we've done before the withdrawal.
  • Ask for a restriction on or deletion of your Personal Information. Once you exercise any of these rights, provided it's within legal bounds, you can request that third parties who have your data due to this Privacy Policy to mirror your preferences.
  • Contest any usage of your Personal Information for marketing. This is relevant if your data is used for such activities.
  • Lodge complaints with an appropriate data protection regulatory body.

State-Specific Privacy Rights: Some states may have distinct privacy regulations that could further define how we manage data. If you're a resident in such states and within the confines of the law, you may:

  • Right to Disclosure: Understand what data SaasGuru has procured, used, or disclosed in the past year. For clarity on this, refer to Sections 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3.
  • Deletion Requests: You can request your Personal Information's removal from our databases, barring specific exceptions like security breaches, debugging, or legal obligations. Once your identity is verified, we'll process the deletion unless an exception is applicable.
  • Opt-Out Rights: Although SaasGuru doesn't sell Personal Information, certain states might view our cookie usage as equivalent to a sale. If you're from such a state, utilize the "do not sell my Personal Information" link on our homepage to opt-out.
  • Equal Treatment: Exercising these rights won't lead to any undue discrimination. Specifically, we won't alter our product offerings, prices, or quality based on your data preferences unless there's a justifiable reason tied to the Personal Information's value.
  • Managing Privacy Requests: We aim to process user requests within 45 days. If extensions are needed (up to another 45 days), we'll keep you updated. In cases where identity verification fails or we need to retain data for legal or operational reasons, your request might be declined.

Do Not Track Setting: Certain web browsers may provide an option by which you can choose "Do Not Track" or "DNT" settings. This is a way for you to inform websites that you do not want certain information about your web page visits collected. Currently, SaasGuru does not recognize or respond to these DNT signals.

8. Securing Your Data. At SaasGuru, along with our third-party services and affiliate partners, we've implemented robust data protection mechanisms and strategies to ensure that data transmitted, processed, and housed on our platforms, including our servers, remains secure. We employ encryption, such as SSL, for our Site and during data transport, periodically audit our data practices, and leverage trusted third-party solutions that adhere to high-security standards. Additionally, we have strict access protocols for our team members. However, it's important to note that no digital platform is entirely impervious to potential breaches. Thus, while we strive to offer the best protection possible, we cannot guarantee absolute immunity from unauthorized intrusions or other security threats.

9. Prioritizing Children's Safety. Our Site and Services are not intended for or targeted towards individuals below 18 years of age. We make it a point not to knowingly collect Personal Information from minors. If it comes to our attention that such information has been collected, we'll act swiftly to remove it. If you suspect that we might have inadvertently collected data from someone under 18, please reach out to us using this form.

10. Our Assurance. We are dedicated to maintaining and improving our online privacy standards. As online privacy norms and best practices evolve, so will our commitment to updating our Site and policies in line with them, ensuring we remain compliant across all regions where our services are accessible.

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