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In the modern age of remote work, distance education, and virtual collaboration, the demand for intuitive and effective online whiteboard tools has skyrocketed. With the array of choices available, pinpointing the one that aligns with your needs can be a daunting task. That's where we come in - following in-depth research and analysis in the evolving landscape of online whiteboard tools, we're proud to unveil our Top 6 selections.

Our Best Whiteboard Tools In 2023:

  • - Best online whiteboard tool overall
  • - Best for integrating whiteboarding with task management
  • - Best for interactive brainstorming sessions
  • - Best for collaborative business planning and problem-solving
  • - Best for enhancing team creativity on a digital canvas
  • Jamboard - Best for seamless integration with Google Workspace
Saas Guru selects
9.9 - Empower your team with a visual canvas designed for collective creativity.
  • Intuitive design interface
  • Robust collaboration features
  • Extensive template library
Excellent 9.9
9.2 - Pioneering a fresh approach to task management and collaboration.
  • Integrated project management
  • Real-time team synchronization
  • Customizable workflows
Excellent 9.2
8.6 - Where teams unite to ignite their most vibrant ideas on a digital canvas.
  • Seamless brainstorming tools
  • Live collaborative editing
  • Interactive sticky notes
Very Good 8.6
8.4 - Redefining business brainstorming and strategy through innovative collaboration.
  • Dynamic idea generation
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Instant feedback loops
Very Good 8.4
8.2 - Elevate team dynamics with a digital whiteboard crafted for collective insights.
  • Immersive visual workspace
  • Remote team-friendly
  • Versatile facilitation features
Very Good 8.2
Jamboard - A dynamic interactive whiteboard from Google, seamlessly integrated with the Google Workspace.
  • Google integration ease
  • Simplistic design tools
  • Interactive real-time drawing
Very Good 8.0
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A Closer Look at the Saas Guru Whiteboard Tools
Exceptional 9.9

The Ultimate Digital Whiteboard Tool

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  • Best for - Your team's visual platform to connect, collaborate, and create - together
  • Price - From $8/month
  • Free version - Yes

The Ultimate Digital Whiteboard Tool

Miro, with its growing community of millions of users, aspires to be the go-to platform for digital collaboration and brainstorming. Serving a vast audience ranging from educators and startups to corporate giants, Miro's core strength lies in its aim: to provide a canvas that feels as natural as a physical whiteboard but with the advantages of the digital realm.

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The heart of Miro is its infinite canvas. This isn't just any virtual whiteboard; it's a space where ideas flow, evolve, and mature. Miro offers a palette of tools – from colorful sticky notes that mirror the ones we're familiar with in office spaces to complex diagrams for business strategy mapping. Need to map out user journeys or set up product roadmaps? Miro has pre-constructed templates for these and many more.

In a nutshell, Miro has carved its niche in the collaborative tool space, and its commitment to enhancing teamwork in a digital era is commendable. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, Miro has something for everyone.

Why We Chose Miro: Miro's intuitive design interface, coupled with its real-time collaborative capabilities, makes it a must-have for teams working remotely. Moreover, its expansive template library ensures you have a starting point, no matter what the task.

Our experience: We began by sketching out basic ideas on Miro's whiteboard, and before we knew it, we were planning entire projects on it. Transitioning from a blank canvas to a structured board was seamless. Whether it's charting out a blog content calendar or delineating an entire product lifecycle, Miro felt natural, engaging, and efficient.

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  • User-friendly interface.
  • Versatile toolset for various professional needs.
  • Real-time collaboration with team members.
  • Extensive library of templates.
  • Integrations with popular tools and platforms.
  • Some advanced features might require a premium subscription.
  • Job Role Limitations: Miro needs more specialized features for broader team adaptability.
Exceptional 9.2

The Collaborative Whiteboard for Dynamic Teams

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  • Best for - A platform built for a new way of working
  • Price - From $8/month
  • Free version - Yes

The Collaborative Whiteboard for Dynamic Teams

Monday, embraced by over a hundred thousand teams globally, positions itself as more than just a task management tool-a hub where collaboration converges with productivity. Driven by its vision to help teams work more efficiently, the platform is renowned for its visual project management approach. Through vibrant boards and customizable workflows, it grants teams an instant visual snapshot of where tasks stand.

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Offering more than the usual to-do lists,'s charm lies in its color-coded statuses, time-tracking capabilities, and automation recipes. Their rich feature set is adaptable to a myriad of industries, from marketing and sales to software development and HR.

Feeling like you need something a bit extra? Monday's marketplace is brimming with integrations and apps that can supercharge your board, making sure it fits snugly into your team's workflow.

In essence, Monday stands tall as a versatile and dynamic platform that can be a game-changer for teams wishing to elevate their productivity and collaboration game. Whether you're looking to manage simple tasks or intricate projects, caters to finesse and efficiency.

Why We Chose The visual nature of Monday, combined with its powerful automation, ensures that even complex projects become manageable. The platform's adaptability, fitting everything from a solopreneur's tasks to large-scale team projects, makes it indispensable for varied business needs.

Our experience: Diving into Monday, we first encountered its vibrant, interactive boards. Starting with a basic board template, we quickly molded it to reflect our project's requirements. The automation recipes saved us countless hours by streamlining recurring tasks. Whether setting up a content calendar, tracking software bugs, or managing HR processes, proved to be both flexible and intuitive.

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  • Vibrant visual boards for easy task tracking.
  • Customizable workflows are suitable for varied industries.
  • Extensive marketplace for integrations and apps.
  • Powerful automation features.
  • Mobile app experience can be improved.
  • The free trial lasts for 14 days, compared to the typical 30 days offered by many project management platforms.
Exceptional 8.6

The Digital Canvas Where Ideas Flourish

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  • Best for - The virtual whiteboard that connects teams so they can bring their best ideas to life
  • Price - From $7.95/month
  • Free version - Yes

The Digital Canvas Where Ideas Flourish

In the dynamic landscape of online whiteboard tools, Lucidspark stands out as a guiding light for enthusiasts of clear thinking, innovative ideas, and seamless teamwork. Catering to millions globally, is rooted in its mission to provide an engaging platform where brainstorming transforms into a visually immersive journey.

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Built on the foundation of intuitive design, Lucidspark provides a vast, interactive canvas tailored to breathe life into every idea. Whether you're meticulously plotting out intricate project roadmaps or hosting a spontaneous brainstorming session, Lucidspark's tools are designed to adapt to your creativity's rhythm.

What sets Lucidspark apart is its collection of unique features and tools. Need to categorize your thoughts? The Tagging and Color Coding system does wonders. Want to revisit the evolution of your brainstorming session? The Revision History tool is there for you. And with its seamless integrations, collaborating across other platforms like Slack or Google Drive becomes a walk in the park.

Why we chose The allure of Lucidspark lies in its versatility. Not only does it serve as a traditional whiteboard, but its suite of tools elevates it to a comprehensive visual collaboration platform. With functionalities ranging from real-time collaboration to advanced design elements, it's designed to cater to a spectrum of users – from visual thinkers to project managers.

Our experience: Engaging with Lucidspark, we were initially struck by the sheer cleanliness of its interface. Everything felt neatly organized and readily accessible. As we dove into our brainstorming, the toolset felt robust yet never overwhelming. Real-time collaboration was seamless, and the built-in chat eliminated any need for third-party communication tools. Translating our abstract ideas into concrete visual elements was both intuitive and enjoyable.

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  • Sleek interface suits all users.
  • Versatile tools for tasks like mind mapping.
  • Integrates easily with popular platforms.
  • Many features can be daunting for basic whiteboard users.
  • Advanced features need a paid subscription.
Exceptional 8.4

Transforming Brainstorms into Thunderous Innovations

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  • Best for - The future of business collaboration, planning, problem solving, and brainstorming
  • Price - From $8.33/month
  • Free version - Yes

Transforming Brainstorms into Thunderous Innovations

Amidst the vast array of online whiteboard tools, Stormboard presents itself as an innovative powerhouse for collaboration and idea generation. Attracting a vast user base, Stormboard's primary goal is to simplify the process of brainstorming, turning abstract concepts into visual masterpieces, and providing a dynamic platform that encourages interaction and creativity.

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What differentiates Stormboard from its competitors? Beyond its foundational whiteboard capabilities, it offers unique sticky note features, digital index cards, and built-in templates, all designed to facilitate smooth and effective brainstorming. The versatility doesn't stop there; Stormboard integrates flawlessly with leading tools like Google Drive, ensuring your creative process is never disjointed.

Why we chose Stormboard: Stormboard's innovative approach to brainstorming, paired with its user-friendly features, sets it apart. The amalgamation of traditional brainstorming tools, like sticky notes, with digital flexibility allows teams to migrate their physical workspace into a virtual environment effortlessly. Plus, its compatibility with popular digital tools underscores its commitment to a unified, streamlined experience.

Our experience: Diving into Stormboard, we were instantly hooked by its intuitive layout. Designing our brainstorming canvas was seamless, with tools and features just a click away. Including digital sticky notes was particularly transformative, replicating the feel of a physical brainstorming session but with the benefits of a digital environment. Every collaboration on Stormboard felt organic, leading to richer, more meaningful discussions.

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  • Intuitive interface suitable for both beginners and seasoned users.
  • The unique combination of traditional brainstorming tools and digital flexibility.
  • Robust integration capabilities with popular platforms.
  • An array of built-in templates catering to various needs.
  • Some advanced features may be locked behind a premium subscription.
  • Initial navigation might be challenging for users unfamiliar with digital whiteboards.
Exceptional 8.2

Redefining Collaborative Brainstorming

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  • Best for - Level up your teamwork with an intuitive digital whiteboard built for teams
  • Price - From $9.99/month
  • Free version - Yes

Redefining Collaborative Brainstorming

Mural is not just another digital whiteboard. It's a space where teams come together to visualize complex concepts, making the abstract tangible. Their expansive library of templates, varying from agile workflows to empathy maps, assists in streamlining the ideation process, making sessions more productive.

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Distinguishing itself from the pack, Mural also incorporates a suite of facilitator features. These ensure sessions are directed effectively, making the most out of every collaborative moment. Moreover, its integration capabilities, spanning across platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack, ensure that your ideas and discussions remain interconnected across all your tools.

Why we chose Mural's emphasis on visual collaboration is unrivaled. The blend of intuitive design, a vast array of templates, and facilitator tools make it a go-to platform for teams keen on maximizing their brainstorming sessions. Its adaptability to small-scale discussions and enterprise-level strategy sessions offers a flexibility that's hard to match.

Our experience: Venturing into Mural, we were instantly drawn into its vibrant and user-friendly interface. Building our first collaborative board was a breeze, with drag-and-drop features that felt natural. The real game-changer was the facilitator functions, allowing for a directed and more efficient brainstorming process. Each session felt like a journey, with every team member actively participating and contributing.

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  • Team Bonding - Energizers boost team unity for tackling challenges.
  • Forward Planning - A clear strategy enhances team confidence and creativity.
  • Smooth Board Links - Effortless navigation between boards.
  • Agile Interface - Lightweight and non-intrusive.
  • Mimics the relaxed feel of a physical whiteboard.
  • You can't nest frames.
  • Shifting notes was seamless during navigation.
Exceptional 8.0

The Future of Interactive Whiteboarding

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  • Best for - It's a digital interactive whiteboard developed by Google to work with Google Workspace
  • Price - From $8/month
  • Free version - Yes

The Future of Interactive Whiteboarding

Stepping into the expansive world of digital whiteboards, Jamboard is a testimony to Google's relentless pursuit of innovation and efficiency. As a part of Google's ecosystem, which caters to billions globally, Jamboard's primary aim is to offer a frictionless whiteboarding experience that complements the suite of Google Workspace tools, such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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What sets Jamboard apart is its impeccable integration with Google's range of productivity tools? Imagine pulling data directly from Google Sheets into a brainstorming session or collaborating on a project while referencing a Google Doc without ever switching screens. The real-time collaboration feature, allowing multiple users to draw, write, and interact simultaneously, showcases the essence of teamwork in the digital age.

With, the future of interactive whiteboarding is here. As an integral part of Google's vast ecosystem, it offers not just a whiteboarding tool, but a holistic experience that bridges the gap between creativity and collaboration.

Why we choose Jamboard: As avid users of Google Workspace, Jamboard's seamless integration with the suite was a game-changer. Its user-friendly interface, designed keeping in mind both educators and corporate teams, ensures that brainstorming sessions and lessons are interactive and engaging. The familiar Google touch ensures that even new users feel right at home.

Our experience: Our initial interaction with Jamboard was overwhelmingly positive. The drag-and-drop feature, the ability to insert images and documents, and real-time collaboration felt intuitive. The cloud integration ensured that our boards were always backed up, easily shareable, and accessible across devices. Over time, it became an indispensable tool in our collaborative efforts.

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  • Seamless integration with Google Workspace tools.
  • Real-time collaboration with multiple users.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface suitable for various age groups.
  • Cloud-based, ensuring easy accessibility across devices.
  • Dependency on the Google ecosystem might not appeal to everyone.
faq Frequently Asked Questions
What is an online whiteboard tool?

An online whiteboard tool allows users to draw, write, and collaborate in real time on a digital canvas, typically accessible via web browsers or dedicated apps.

Is there a free whiteboard online?

Yes, many online whiteboard tools offer free versions or tiers, although they might come with limited features compared to their premium counterparts. For instance, Miro provides a free plan that is perfect for individuals or small teams looking to explore basic whiteboarding functionalities.

Can multiple users collaborate on a single online whiteboard simultaneously?

Yes, most online whiteboard tools support real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to interact with the whiteboard at the same time.

What features can I expect from an online whiteboard?

Most online whiteboards offer drawing tools, text input, sticky notes, templates, and collaboration features like real-time editing and commenting. For instance, Miro not only offers these standard features but also excels in providing integrations with other popular tools, advanced facilitation features, and an extensive template library tailored for various use cases.

Can I collaborate in real time with online whiteboards?

Yes, most online whiteboards allow multiple users to collaborate and make changes in real time.

Are online whiteboard tools secure?

Most reputable online whiteboard platforms prioritize security, offering features like end-to-end encryption, GDPR compliance, and controlled access permissions.

Can I integrate other tools with my online whiteboard platform?

Many online whiteboards allow integrations with popular productivity and collaboration tools such as Slack, Trello, Google Drive, and more.

Are there templates available in online whiteboard tools?

Yes, many platforms offer a range of templates for various purposes, such as brainstorming sessions, agile methodologies, and educational lessons.

Can I save or export my whiteboard sessions?

Absolutely. Most tools allow users to save their work for future reference and export sessions in various formats like PDF, PNG, or JPG.

How do online whiteboards handle latency, especially with multiple users?

Modern online whiteboards are optimized to minimize latency, ensuring real-time collaborations are as smooth as possible, even with multiple participants.

Are online whiteboard tools mobile-friendly?

Many online whiteboard platforms offer mobile apps or are optimized for mobile web browsers, allowing users to collaborate from tablets or smartphones.

Do online whiteboards support multimedia elements like videos or GIFs?

Some platforms allow the embedding or integration of multimedia elements, enhancing the interactive experience.

Can I customize the look and feel of my online whiteboard?

Most tools offer customization options, ranging from background color and grid style to specific board themes.

What is an Online Whiteboard?

An online whiteboard, often referred to as a digital or virtual whiteboard, is a cloud-based collaboration tool that replicates the experience of using a physical whiteboard but with the added benefits of digital functionality. It enables users to draw, annotate, and write, just as one would on a physical board, but from any location and on any device connected to the internet.

Basic Features

Online whiteboards come equipped with various features that can aid in brainstorming, teaching, planning, and collaborative work. The standard features often include:

  • Drawing Tools: Pencils, pens, shapes, and lines for sketching and drawing.
  • Text Input: The ability to type in notes, lists, or any other text.
  • Sticky Notes: Digital post-its that can be added, moved, or edited.
  • Templates: Pre-designed layouts for specific tasks such as SWOT analysis, mind mapping, or agile boards.
  • Collaboration Tools: Features that allow multiple users to join the board, edit in real-time, leave comments, and even chat or video call.
Advantages Over Traditional Whiteboards:
  • Accessibility: Users can access and edit the board from anywhere, anytime, using various devices
  • Collaboration: Multiple participants can join a single board, making it ideal for remote teams or virtual classrooms.
  • Endless Space: Unlike physical boards with space limitations, many online whiteboards offer infinite canvases.
  • Integration: Many tools integrate seamlessly with other software, enhancing the user experience by allowing file sharing, video calls, and more.
  • Preservation and Sharing: Work can be saved, archived, and easily shared with others, negating the need to erase or physically capture (like taking a photo) the content.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduces the need for paper, markers, and other non-reusable materials.
Key Features of Online Whiteboard Tool

Drawing and Annotation Tools:

Central to any whiteboard, online versions provide a variety of digital pens, brushes, shapes, and highlighters. These tools allow users to sketch ideas, underline crucial points, or create diagrams with ease.

Text and Sticky Notes:

For those who prefer typing over drawing, online whiteboards offer text boxes for jotting down notes. Additionally, sticky notes can be placed anywhere on the board, often in various colors, to represent different ideas or to prioritize tasks.

Templates and Backgrounds:

Many online whiteboards come equipped with a range of pre-designed templates suitable for different scenarios - from business brainstorming sessions to educational lesson plans. Users can also change backgrounds to grids, lines, or custom images to suit the task at hand.

Real-time Collaboration and Sharing:

A significant advantage over traditional whiteboards, the digital versions allow multiple users to join a session and make edits simultaneously. Changes are visible in real-time, and boards can be easily shared with others, fostering collaborative environments.

Integration Capabilities:

To enhance the user experience, many online whiteboards offer integrations with popular apps and software. This might include video conferencing tools, project management apps, or file-sharing platforms, allowing a seamless workflow within a familiar ecosystem.

Do You Need an Online Whiteboard Tool?

In today's digitally-driven world of remote teams, e-learning, and trans-global partnerships, one might wonder: How crucial is an online whiteboard tool? Essentially, online whiteboards serve as dynamic digital canvases, designed for real-time brainstorming, charting, and cohesive teamwork.

The allure of these platforms is their capacity to catalyze instantaneous team interactions, wielding a suite of tools like annotations, sketching, and predefined templates, making intricate concepts visually accessible.

For educators looking to elevate digital teaching experiences, businesses aiming for streamlined team communication, or even friends planning a vacation, such tools prove indispensable. Yet, those more comfortable with in-person discussions and conventional strategies might face some initial adjustments. In the end, embracing an online whiteboard tool aligns with your comfort in digital engagements, your project specifications, and the geographic layout of your collaborators.

Choosing the Right Whiteboard for Your Needs

Navigating the vast sea of online whiteboard options can be daunting. To ensure that you select the best fit for your unique needs, it's crucial to pinpoint specific criteria that align with your objectives.

Factors to Consider: Team Size, Integration Needs, Budget

Your choice can be significantly influenced by the size of your team. Larger teams might benefit from platforms like Miro that can accommodate multiple simultaneous users with ease, ensuring that expansive teams can collaborate without a hitch. Smaller teams or individuals might lean towards simpler options, but with Miro's intuitive interface, even smaller groups can harness its

Free vs. Premium: Making the Right Investment

While many platforms offer free versions, these typically come with limitations. If you're a professional team or an educator who requires advanced features, it might be worth investing in a premium option. However, if you're only in need of basic functionalities or are just trying out the concept of digital whiteboarding, starting with a free version could be your best bet. Always weigh the benefits against the costs to make an informed decision.

Tips for Maximizing Your Online Whiteboard Experience

The digital era brings forth a wealth of tools designed to optimize our collaborative efforts. Among these, online whiteboards stand out for their versatility and interactivity. However, as with any tool, the experience can be greatly improved with the right know-how. Here are some tips to enhance your online whiteboarding journey.

Best Practices for Online Collaboration

  • Set Clear Objectives: Before starting any session, ensure everyone is aligned on the goals. This provides direction and prevents the discussion from veering off track.

  • Assign Roles: Determine who will be the primary facilitator, note-taker, or decision-maker. This ensures a smoother flow and avoids overlaps.

  • Keep It Organized: Use different colors or sections for various topics or teams. This makes it easier to reference and review later.

  • Schedule Breaks: Especially in longer sessions, give participants time to rest their eyes and refresh their minds.

Utilizing Templates for Efficiency
  • Pre-Defined Layouts: Most online whiteboards come with templates that cater to different needs - be it brainstorming, project planning, or SWOT analysis. Leverage these to save time.

  • Custom Templates: If you find your team frequently embarking on similar tasks, consider creating custom templates. This way, you can jump right into the task without having to set up every time.

Enhancing Security and Privacy
  • Password Protection: Ensure your online whiteboard sessions are password-protected to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Limit Sharing: Only share the whiteboard link with those who need it. This minimizes the risk of the link being passed around.

  • Regular Backups: While most platforms auto-save, it's a good habit to manually save important boards or download backups periodically.


As we navigate through an era where digital platforms are reshaping the way we communicate, learn, and collaborate, the importance of a reliable online whiteboard tool cannot be overstated. Among the myriad of options available, Miro stands out distinctly. Its user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, and seamless integration capabilities make it not just an online whiteboard but a comprehensive workspace.

It caters to diverse needs, from educators to business professionals, ensuring every idea is visually presented and collaboratively refined. In the realm of digital whiteboards, Miro is not just a tool—it's an enhancement to your team's potential. Choosing Miro invests in quality, efficiency, and seamless digital collaboration.

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